Monday, June 24, 2013

What is protein and why do we need it?

What is protein and why do we need it?
This was our focus question that we worked on. We made a presentation to show information and then presented it to the class. Hope you enjoy my presentation.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Creativity Reflection

We felt very excited yet annoyed at each other because we all had different ideas. It was pretty fun doing this task because we got to work with who we wanted to.

The thing that we found most interesting was when we had to pick a Michael Jackson song which was very difficult. Then finally we found a song.

The things that we didn’t enjoy was when we had to animate parts of the movie. It was pretty hard because we are very bad at drawing.

What we did enjoy was when we had to film the movie and look at the finished product. I think that our movie would be very cool.

The thing that we learnt during this task was co-operating properly with each other. It was very fun doing this together.

The thing we have to work on next time is to plan better. We wasted alot of time so there is another thing to work on as well. ``

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Perspective student

It was a treacherous climb for him up the sheer rock face. But he had determination and perseverance and was very eager to reach the top. With all of his might he pulled himself up, then glanced back remembering all the frustration and agony it took. Up ahead he noticed a karate dojo, he felt relieved, to realize that his search had come to an end.

After a little walk he finally reached his destination.The Martial Art School.Feeling apprehensive  he knocked on the hefty door and, to his surprise he saw and old man. His heart started beating because, he didn’t know what he was going to do to him.But he just pointed to his right and slammed the door behind him got rejected.

Dropping his shoulders he felt very depressed and didn’t know what to do next.When suddenly he clicked.He thought he would impress him by meditating but once again he pointed to his right again and slammed the door behind him. So he just got up and left.

In a flicker of anger he clenched his fists and had a very determined look on his face. He kicked the door open and showed him some karate move that he had been working on.Once again he pointed to his left so the boy looked.

When he looked he found out he was pointing to a sign that said please use the side entrance. He looked really embraced. All along he was trying to tell him to use the side entrance.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Participating in the 20 hour famine

At 6:30 we all arrived at the school library, eager to go hard out for the hungry! I put my belongings on the side and made my name tag out of blue paper because this year I was in the blue team. We also got a sticker that had our names on it as well. We had started our famine at 12pm (just before lunch) on Friday.

The 20 hour famine is a program to fundraise for the unfortunate kids in Bougainville,  Papua New Guinea.We would be going 20 hours without food just to experience what it is like for them everyday.

After everyone arrived we got into our team colours. The team colours were blue, yellow, red, green. Our first task for the night was to get into our group and make up a little chant that we were going to perform. After a while Mrs Tela called us all to get into our group lines for our first game for the night. We were playing Charades followed by Pictionary, which kinda failed because the youth ambassadors arrived earlier than expected. They came  to tell us more information about what why we were doing the 20 hour famine and what it really means.

They organised a game a little bit like the amazing race but instead it all about us experiencing the life in Bougainville. We had 4 checkpoints and they were Water, food, education and making a house. This was to show how they live and the difference from how we live.

I would like to thank Devyn and the world vision youth ambassadors who had come to visit our school to tell us more information about the famine.It was heaps of fun meeting you guys and also playing with you.I hope you had just as much fun as I did.    

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Argument about Smoking

I agree that smoking is very bad and should be banned.One because it affects our body and two it cost heaps of money when you could save that money, and use it on something else you want. It also has things that are really bad for our body. It has over 4000 chemicals that your body can not agree with but it have a very addictive drug called nicotine.

You have a higher chance of getting sick if you smoke then people that don’t smoke. You also get things like heart disease and lung cancer are the main things in smoking. Also parts of you body starts to rot.You get things like yellow fingernails, yellow teeth and a whole lot more

But some people smoke to relax but inside your body it is trying to get rid of all the harsh chemicals.Also the drug nicotine is a very addictive drug that affects your brain.

I reckon that the world without smokes would be a better and safer place.

Tyrese's First Rippa Rugby Game

“Yah go Tyrese” I called out from the sideline. He was played rippa rugby on friday.They were playing on the tennis courts because the fields we closed from all of the rain.Before the game they had a little training teaching them to pass the ball.

After their training they put their bets and there tags on and got ready to play. They we playing against the other marist team so it was more of a friendly game.

They whistle blew and it was time to start the game. They followed them trying to rip their tags off.They looked like they were having lots of fun.

At the end of the game they shook hands and go ready to see who the player of the day would be.”And the player is...Tyrese”said they coach.”Yah good boy Tyrese” I said. He got a certificate and crunchie chocolate bar.